Weekend Get Aways in the United Kingdom

When you need to get away for a while, consider taking a weekend break to a city in the United Kingdom. There are several places to choose from, and you can find something to fit your desire for holiday. Weekend get aways help to relax your body and mind, and rejuvenate you for the upcoming work week ahead.

London: As the capital city in England, London offers a variety of things to do. Whether you love shopping or the arts, you can find something to help you relax during your weekend get aways. The website Weekend Getaways (weekendgetaways.co.uk) provide several packages and ideas of things to do while you are on your holiday in London.

Manchester:Home of the Manchester United soccer team, the vibrant city of Manchester offers many things to do during your weekend visit. Foodies will love the cities array of dining options, which feature some of the best restaurants in the United Kingdom. City-lovers will bask in the historical architecture and thriving modern art scene that the city features.

The New Forest:With nearly 90% of the land owned by the Crown, the New Forest provides a quiet get away with miles of walking trails, a beautiful coastline and quaint villages. Only two hours from London, this National Park offers things like horseback riding and cruises on the water.

Stay in the Stanwell House (stanwellhousehotel.co.uk), a seaside luxury hotel that offers doubles starting at £135 a night. Only minutes away from the quay, the Stanwell House provides great accommodations for those who love to spend time relaxing on the water.

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