Looking for a cheap weekend get away?

Just because you're on a budget it doesn't mean you can't treat yourself. If need to find some cheap deals for a weekend get away then check out these sites;



Last minute is a great user friendly site. You can find a whole list of cheap breaks at short notice as well!

If you select their short breaks option you have the choice of searching by city and country and you can organize the options by price. The site is literally packed with places to go so it won't be hard to find somewhere you will enjoy.

Not only do last minute help you find your accommodation they will help you find flights and other methods of transport so you can organize your whole trip in the same place! What more could you want!


Super break know that cheap weekend get aways are what people are looking for, so they have handpicked the best bargains available for a holiday in the UK. Just select the city you are interested in visiting and off you go!

So if you are looking for a few nights in the centre of London but want the best possible price then this is the place to start looking, with prices starting at £92.25 for a 3 night stay in September you can't go wrong.

Super break are a great comparison site making it easy for you to compare prices and quality. They are an established site that has been operating for over 25 years so you are guaranteed a great service when you book through them!


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