Enjoy Summer with Weekend Coach Trips from Nottingham to Brighton

If you live in Nottingham and want to go to the beach you could take weekend coach trips from Nottingham to Brighton. With an unexpected surge of excellent summer weather it is a great time to enjoy the UK coastline. While Nottingham is not exactly close to Brighton a coach trip could give you the opportunity to see a great deal of the countryside and forget the worries of your working week for a few hours (five and a half hours is the quickest time a coach generally takes to make the journey).

Luckily weekend coach trips from Nottingham to Brighton shouldn’t cost you the earth. Booking a weekend trip through www.nationalexpress.com comes to £75.00. If you can find cheap accommodation then your weekend getaway shouldn’t exhaust your finances. National Express seems to be the easiest way of booking a weekend trip. Other sites require that you request brochures in order to get the best deals for your trip. If you are in a rush to get away then requesting brochures can be unnecessarily time consuming.

If you are planning a party weekend with friends to Brighton it would be worth looking for group coach deals. With an array of clubs and bars Brighton is a very popular destination for hen and stag parties.

There are other things to do in Brighton besides drinking and dancing. Catching some sun on the beach or taking a walk along the impressive Brighton Pier can make you feel like you are away for more than just a weekend.

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