Experience the royal life with weekend castle breaks for 30 people

Who doesn't dream of staying in a castle?

Why not book weekend castle breaks for 30 people and fill the entire castle with your family and friends.

Like a fairytale coming true you could truly experience the royal treatment and take yourself back to a time that has long since gone....

With the castle full you could create a true atmospheric environment reminiscent of the castle in its glory days, packed with people all enjoying the life and luxury of magnificent castle life!

Spoil yourself rotten whilst you lay back in the Main Halls indulging on beautiful and exquisite foods and wines.


Amazing weekend castle breaks for 30 people

Scotts Castle Holidays

Scotts Castle Holidays (scottscastles.com) offers a brilliant search engine to find all the castles available for large group stays.

Their top choice is the large castle on the sea in Argyllshire. This red stone castle is so grand and lavish you will have an experience you will never forget! It sleeps up to 32 guests so you can literally fill it with you family and friends.

With sitting rooms, snooker rooms, galleries, conservatories and rooms galore everyone can have their own personal space to relax and enjoy this amazing one in a life time experience.

If the weather is nice then you can stroll or play in the formal gardens or perhaps challenge your friends to a tennis match at the castles own court.

This wonderful weekend castle break is simply not to be missed out on!!!

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