Cheap weekend caravan breaks in England

Caravan Breaks

Caravans have seen a lot of change in recent decades and the idea of taking weekend caravan breaks in England now attracts a whole new type customer. Caravan breaks are now seen as a 'cool' option for campers and families to get away on holiday.

In the past caravans have not always been the choice holiday for all classes of people and there was sometimes a stigma attached to those who would choose a caravan site as their holiday destination.

Today however, Caravan parks are busier than ever as britain has realised that it is a truly great way to make holidays affordable and fun for the whole family.

Where to stay

At Park Holidays (parkholidaysuk.com), there are 25 caravan parks to choose from across the country. You can browse through the options on their website and select the best option for you dependant on either price or location.

You could stay in the Riviera Bay caravan park for just £69 for 3 nights in October. This is for accomodation for 2 adults and 2 children. This park is on the rugged Devon coastline, and is ideal for families who like a coastline walk or a trip to the beach.

Alternatively across the other side of the country, you could stay in the Felixstowe Beach caravan park in September for just £86.35. This is also a 3 night stay for up to 2 adults and 2 children.

At these prices it makes a weekend family trip to the coastline affordable for many.

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