Affordable Weekend Breaks To London By Train

London is a city full of history, entertainment, and great food, which makes it the perfect place to visit no matter what your budget is. If you can’t take a week-long holiday, opt for affordable weekend breaks to London by train. London is the center of the United Kingdom's rail network, with multiple services to every corner of the country. Private train operating companies run all United Kingdom rail services. Your place of departure determines the best train service to take, as well as which station you will arrive in once you arrive in London. Your options are practically limitless, no matter where you live. The best way to find the superior deals and discounts for these magnificent weekend breaks to London by train is to jump online and do a bit of research.

Transportation Companies and Prices

Look at the various transportation companies and their prices. You are looking for a company that provides service from your area to London. When you do find a company, write it down and look for another one. Keep looking to see if there are other options to choose from. You want to have a few options so you can be sure you are getting the best price. Then, simply book the service that takes you to the area of London you want to go to, for the price that you can afford.

National Rail offers packages for affordable breaks to London by train. For example, leaving from Leeds, you can take a two hour and 15 minute train ride to London, stay in London for two nights,  and then take the train home. Two round-trip train tickets from Leeds to the Ealing Broadway Railway Station, and two nights stay at the Travelodge London Ealing Hotel, is only £111.50. The same package, staying at more upscale boarding like the Thistle City Barbican on Central Street, will cost about £250.

Virgin Trains provide service to London. A train ride from Manchester to London costs about £17.00 and from Birmingham to London is about £10.50. In this instance, you would book your hotel separately. If you are coming from Chester to London Euston station, the ticked costs £32.50. Virgin Train has six tracks that can travel as far out from London as Glassgow, Edinburgh, Manchester Piccadilly, Liverpool, Holyhead, and many other places in-between.

BritRail trains expand out farther from London than National Rail and Virgin Trains. BritRail offers sleepers for those that are traveling longer distances for their weekend breaks in London. Search for your specific departure location on BritRail’s website to find out the price.

Travel Cards

Don’t forget, if you’ll be traveling often in and around the city during your weekend breaks to London by train, purchase a Travelcard. This will provide you with unlimited travel on all London’s public transportation services, including the Tube, National Rail services, London Bus services, and London Tramlink services. Travelcards can be purchased at most train stations.

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