Weekend breaks in Scotland for couples: The possibilities are endless!

One thing that makes weekend breaks in Scotland for couples so perfect is the sheer amount of things to see and do. From hillwalking in the Cairngorms to enjoying music festivals like Rockness in the highlands to a romantic weekend city break in one of Scotland's six cities, there really is no end to the possibilities for weekend breaks in Scotland for couples!

Luckily the good people of Visit Scotland (http://surprise.visitscotland.com) do a great job of presenting the choices available to you in a neat searchable format under the banner of their "Surprise Yourself" campaign. Their website allows you to search by the date of travel, allowing you to make a short list of the activities available for your weekend away. Then depending on whether you're more interested in an adrenaline-fuelled tandem bungee jump in Glasgow (http://www.ukbungee.co.uk/bookjump/1035-1318636800) or maybe a luxury 5-star spa in Edinburgh (http://www.thebalmoralhotel.com/) Visit Scotland will point you towards the website you need to make your weekend break in Scotland the most memorable weekend you have all year!

Now that you've planned your trip, the only thing left if working out how to get into Scotland! If you happen to be luck enough to live in London, one possibility is getting a Friday sleeper train from London Euston to Edinburgh. By doing this you can travel up north while you sleep and arrive first thing Saturday morning, allowing you to make the most of your weekend break away. Prices start from around £83 and remember to book ahead, as reservations are necessary!

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