Top weekend breaks in European cities

Living in the UK, you are spoilt for choice on where you can go for a weekend away. There are so many options: stay and visit places in the UK or take a trip to visit the rest of Europe. With low budget airlines, trains and ferries, getting to Europe can be quite cheap and definitely worth the trip.

If you are looking for weekend breaks in European cities, here are a few ideas of places to visit...

Berlin is a great city. It has a balance of being a modern city and a city full of history. Go and see the traces of the Berlin Wall that still stand. If you like museums and history, Berlin is right up your street. Take a boat tour along the river and see the city from a different perspective. The city boasts more bridges than Venice. Getting a view of the city on the Hi-Flyer is highly recommended - you get a great view from 150 metres up. It costs around 19 Euro, but is well worth it. Weekend return flights from London will cost around £60 to £70.

Kiruna, Sweden is a stunningly beautiful place to visit, and one of our favourite places in Europe. Go during periods when the northern lights are visible. It is usually over winter (November to April), so pack a lot of thermal clothes! You won’t see much of the northern lights in Kiruna due to light pollution, but by taking a dog sled tour into the forests, you just might! Keep your fingers crossed that you don’t arrage the tour on a cloudy night. Visiting the Ice Hotel is a must do. It is truly an amazing sight that you will never forget. Stay the night at the hotel or just look around the rooms or have a cocktail at the ice bar in the hotel. Weekend return flights to Kiruna from London will cost around £280 to £300. It is quite pricey there but worth every penny.

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