Theme Park Weekend Breaks for Children in the UK

Children and adults will all have a fabulous weekend break at Alton Towers or Draton Manor. Both theme parks provide non-stop entertainment all weekend long with scary and exciting rides and plenty of activity for the youngest to the oldest. Weekend breaks for children are an unbeatable holiday and a treasured memory of family fun.

Alton Towers

Alton Towers is centrally located in Staffordshire county near Birmingham and Manchester. Young children adore the Chocolate Factory and Charlie, whilst older kids like giant spider crabs at Skeleton Bay, Air, Bolivion and Nemesis rides.

Rides open at 10 am and close at 6 or 7 pm. The park opens for business from March 26th to November 6th. Save a lot of money by booking tickets online at http://www.themeparks-uk.com/alton-towers-guide/ticket-prices/. Online ticket prices for adults are £31.68 and ages under 12 are £24.48.

Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor is also located in Staffordshire county, but is closer to the city of Coventry. Opening day for the park is March 19th and it closes down for the winter on October 30th. Opening hours are 9:30 am and closing times are 5-6 nightly.

Online ticket prices offer good savings for adults with tickets at £23.00 for both adults and kids under 12. Visit Drayton Manor website to explore other applicable discounts at http://www.themeparks-uk.com/drayton-manor-guide/ticket-prices/.


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Weekend breaks for children are the best with fun filled theme parks.

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