Spectacular wedding location ideas abroad to tie the knot

One of the key pieces of planning in any wedding is the venue. Where your wedding is held determines the mood and cost of the entire ceremony. While it may seem like a difficult task to organise an overseas wedding, planning a wedding overseas is not as difficult as you may think.

There is a thriving industry of tour operators who specialise in weddings abroad, as well as many hotels overseas that cater specifically for the needs of foreign couples looking to tie the knot. That said, some locations are easier to get married at than others due largely to residency laws. We highlight some wedding location ideas abroad that represent some of the best places to say I do.


Cyprus opens our list of best wedding location ideas abroad to get married. You cannot go far wrong with a wedding in Cyprus. Not only did Mark Anthony present the island to Cleopatra as a token of his love, but the island is also the birthplace of the Goddess of Love. With scenic big-day backdrops, including pine-covered hills, citrus groves, secluded bays, winding streams and more than 800 kilometres of coastline, Cyprus is arguably one of the most romantic wedding locations in Europe to say I do.


The Seychelles is another breathtaking wedding destination abroad. You have the option to wed on fabulous Indian Ocean islands, such as the main island of Mahe and then escape the wedding party to honeymoon on one of many other spectacular islands in the country like Praslin. If your budget allows it, don’t miss the opportunity to make your wedding ultra special by escaping to one of Seychelles’s most stunning private island resorts like Denis Private Island and Fregate.


Of course, we can’t go without mentioning Italy. Steeped with history, mystery and romance, cities such as Venice and Rome represent some of the best locations on the continent for a dream wedding ceremony. Whether you are looking for 'big day' backdrops of tumbledown Roman ruins, chi chi boutiques or gelato-coloured homes, Italy offers it all. The Lucia Estate that boasts two 18th century villas reflected in Lake Como with views of the Alps is especially beautiful for a wedding.


Closing our list of wedding location ideas abroad is the English speaking Caribbean. This is perhaps the easiest place on earth for UK couples to get married. It offers many luxury resorts that specialise in helping foreign couples get the wedding ceremonies of their dreams. Beautiful botanic gardens, spectacular colonial houses, magnificent parish churches and exotic 17th century cloisters are just some of the other treats that await you in the Caribbean.

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