Enjoy the mild weather in Turkey in May!

Weather in Turkey in May

Have you ever rushed to book a hot, hot, hot holiday in July or August then regretted it, just wanting to get back to sleeping at night? You don’t have to go to equatorial destinations to find you’re flagging in searing summer heat. You can find temperatures in the high thirties or even 40ºC in southern Mediterranean countries too.

This is the case with top tourist destination, Turkey, and travel is arguably best avoided in July and August. May however, is a good month to visit, bringing balmy weather throughout the country, with long sunny days and not much rain.

With such a large landmass, temperatures will vary depending on your choice of destination. The Black Sea region enjoys a temperate climate, while you’ll find a Mediterranean climate on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, with hot summers and mild winters. Inland there’s a continental climate and the weather in Turkey in May can still be chilly in central-east and northeast Anatolia. So if you’re planning a trip to Turkey’s breathtaking Cappadocia, pack a sweater or two.

If you’re taking a package holiday or a budget flight to Turkey, you’ll probably be heading for Dalaman, Bodrum or Antalaya. You can expect to find average day temperatures of around 20ºC in May compared to 16ºC if you’re sightseeing in Istanbul.

The swimming season in the South Aegean and Mediterranean is from April to October, so you can pack your bikini and trunks and be pretty sure of the weaher in Turkey in May for a beach holiday. Sea temperatures are around a pleasant 21ºC.

The tourist season proper begins in May, a popular month for those who like to do more than flake out on the beach, so be sure to book your trip well in advance to avoid disappointment and to keep prices down. Enjoy your trip!

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