The weather in Thailand

Weather in Thailand

What's the weather in Thailand?

Rain and shine all year round

Thailand has a tropical weather of sun and rain all year round. The heat can go as high as over 30 degrees celsius but it won't last too long as the next shower is always near. It can be cloudy for days. Generally, the weather is peppered with heat and rain almost alternately.

Apply sunscreen protection

This explains the skin tone of most Thais. If you have fair skin, apply a light sunscreen at the minimum, especially if you are prone to freckles or pigmentation. Your skin needs this protection since it lacks the natural protection of melanin.

Rice production

The weather also explains why Thailand is known for the production of rice.

Thai weather websites

Here are 3 sites to go to for statistics of the weather in Thailand:

  • Tmd.go.th/en
  • Travelfish.org/weather/thailand
  • Wunderground.com/global/stations/48456.html


This is the Thai meteorological department where you can find forecasts on a daily, 7-day and monthly basis. Also find a daily and weekly summary as well as a winter forecast from October to February.


See the climactic charts for the areas of: Bangkok, Ko Chiang, Chiam Mai, Udon Thani, Buriram, Ko Samui, Phujet, Ko Lanta and Trang. There are two charts for each area; monthly temperature and monthly rainfall.

Click on the 'animated Thai weather map' link for an interactive map of Thailand for more temperature and rainfall statistics such as minimum and maximum temperatures as well as the monthly number of rainy days.

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