Wear your luggage abroad this year

Fed-up with hauling your luggage around airports and waiting for hours to check-in your bags only to discover the things you needed on the plane were at the bottom of your suitcase? It's a small but common dilemma facing us every year, along with security officers asking us to unpack our bags after going through the scanners: if it took hours to squeeze shut, it's probably not going to close ever again!

One US company, Scottevest, has now revealed a prototype coat that allows passengers to carry relatively bulky but much-needed items with them on the plane, and even whilst on they are on holiday. The coat is composed of several pockets which spread the weight of iPads, documents and even shirts and folded articles around the garment. A blue-tooth network created within the material even allows wearers to synchronise their many gadgets, the Sun online reveals.

Along with a holder for important travel documents and passports, and a 'no-bulge' design, this coat will probably set you back about £100, although whether it will be seen as the height of fashion remains to be seen.

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