We wish you a wacky Christmas.

From Sydney to San Diego, the Christmas tree is a symbol of the festive season all around the globe. But not all yuletide trees are made of wood. We’ve searched the web and come up with the following somewhat wacky trees, made of surprising objects, as listed by Bing travel.

The prize must go to Australia, where every year the Rocks shopping district in Sydney produces a tree made of recycled items. This year their ‘tree’ is a twenty-three foot tall creation of one-hundred old bicycles destined for the rubbish dump (pictured). Wooly hats off to this cool eco-friendly Christmas symbol.

On the other side of the world, Legoland, in San Diego California, is displaying a thirty foot Christmas tree made of 245,000 green Lego Duplo bricks. It’s decorated with 400 ornaments, also made of Lego and lots of lights; a real treat for the kids to see.

Finally, back in the southern hemisphere, how about a floating Christmas tree made of over 500 tons of steel? That’s what you can see in the bay of Rio de Janeiro, where 11 pontoons and seven biodiesel generators keep the 28-storey-tall ‘tree’ afloat. It’s decorated with nearly 3 million miniature light bulbs, 82 miles of ordinary lights and 1,600 ornaments. Amazing, ablazing or both?

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