We take a look at hotels in Amsterdam

This is a real bustling capital city run with typical Dutch efficiency and flair. There is so much to see and do, and a whole variety of ways to get around from tram to bicycle to boat to walking.

We like the look of Hotel Seven One Seven on Amsterdam’s most beautiful canal, Prinsengracht. As a converted town house, from the outside this hotel looks like a private home, and what started out as a weekend party pad has progressed into a bona fide top notch business.

There are eight rooms including two executive suites. Both executive suites, Picasso and Schubert, have views of the canal. There are four more rooms planned for the near future which are bound to be as tasteful and beautiful as the current set up. Room rates are 425 euro to 680 euro which includes tax and breakfast.

As well as a free minibar and WiFi in all of the rooms, there are also pastries, afternoon tea, beer, soft drinks and house wine available on request at no extra charge. This is a simply lovely place to stay. You can guarantee feeling tremendously relaxed after a couple of nights at Hotel Seven One Seven.

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