We check out super hotels in Dublin

There are of course many places to stay in the city but we took a look at two of the best hotels in Dublin.

The Dylan is a boutique style hotel situated in a leafy street just a ten minute walk from the city centre. The shabby chic Victorian exterior hides a cool and modern interior designed with both comfort and fashion in mind. There are 44 rooms with six suites. You should expect to pay between 396 euro and 440 euro per night including tax and full service charge. Breakfast is not included.

The Morrison Hotel situated on the North side of the River Liffey is one of Dublin’s most stylish hotels. The interior has been designed by well known designer John Rocha so you can bet your bottom dollar it’s striking yet comfortable. There are 138 rooms including a penthouse and twelve suites and prices start at 340 euro per night. The dress code is glamorous, and for those travelling with children, a babysitting service is also available.

We think you will love either of these two hotels: check out the hotel websites to find out more information and to make a booking.

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