Why Warners Holidays are great for adults

If you would like a relaxing and peaceful break in the countryside, staying at some of the most beautiful historic hotels in Great Britain, with a mature, adults-only vibe, then give Warners Holidays a glance. With hotels scattered all over the U.K. in some of the most serene rural locations, staying at a Warner Hotel is re-energising, invigorating and restorative. So if you need to leave the kids behind, or want to enjoy yourself in the company of more mature companions, check out these great Warner breaks.

Warner offer a mix of luxurious, all-inclusive hotels as well as cozy, village style accommodation. If you are in the north of England then the Nidd Hall Hotel lies just outside of Harrogate Spa in a pristine, secluded location. This four star property is nestled in the Yorkshire Dales so is perfect for a walking or rambling holiday. And with two restaurants on site, as well as intimate drinking spots on the grounds, you can sample some of the best food and drink from the area without having to leave. A two night weekend gourmet escape can be booked at this hotel from as little as £399 for two people.

Further south, Warner also operate the plush Cricket St Thomas hotel in the heart of the Cotswolds. Not far from Bristol, this hotel was most famously used as the setting for hit TV series "To the Manor Born". Rooms come with satellite televisions, DVD players and four-poster beds, so you can luxuriate and relax when staying here. A midweek break will set you back around £389 for a double room.

These hotels, and others operated by Warners Holidays, can also be booked through Late Rooms, so shop around to secure the best prices.

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