Overview of Warner Holiday Camps

Captain Harry Warner inaugurated the first Warner Holiday Camp in 1931 on Hayling Island. It preceded both Butlins and Pontins holiday camps, established in 1936 and 1946, respectively. In 1936, another Warner Holiday Camp opened in Seaton, Devon and over the next few decades more locations sprang up across the country. They continued operating under the Warner name until the 1980’s. Since then, owners have come and go, and camps have been renamed, rebuilt and demolished. The Warner brand has evolved through a colourful history, economic difficulties and a changing market, finally emerging again under a similar name but with a very different style.

Warner Holiday Camps and the Second World War

During the Second World War, the Warner camp on Hayling Island served as a military base. At first it was used as an internment camp for prisoners of war, and to incarcerate “aliens” already in the country. Later, as D-day approached, it was used to house and prepare troops amassing for the Normandy landings of 6 June 1944. After the war it reverted to a holiday camp again.

A New Image – Adults Only

Warner Holiday Camps have changed with time. Now known as Warner Leisure Hotels, they cater exclusively to adults, at warnerleisurehotels.co.uk. Guests can stay for a small break to an entire season, at half or full board. The hotels are set in beautiful locations, and have exquisite restaurants, stunning gardens and more. Activities are programmed as you desire, and include bowling, dancing, shooting, bat watching, bee keeping, and an Audi R8 thrill experience. Prices vary, from a weekend escape in a three star hotel at £159, or £199 in a four star hotel, to a seven night coastal holiday package at £399 in a holiday village or £499 in a three star hotel.


Most Warner Leisure Hotels are in converted manor houses and their surrounding properties. Warner’s have thirteen hotels located all over the country, seven of them in the countryside and six on the coastline. You can find three and four star hotels and holiday villages with chalet accommodation. In the countryside, hotels are located in the Cotswolds and Southwest England, Wales and its border region, and Yorkshire and Northern England. The coastal hotels are situated on the South Coast and in Suffolk.

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