Want cheap holidays to Cape Verde in July?

Thinking about booking cheap holidays to Cape Verde in July?You are bound to enjoy this one. In West Africa, Cape Verde is a group of islands in the the Atlantic Ocean, west of Senegal. A ferry links the Cape Verde islands together and provides the opportunity to see even more of the amazing volcanic terrain and the unique sights of each island. Enjoy a range of watersports such as surfing due to the trade winds in the Cape Verde Islands or simply relax on the sun-drenched beaches. If you are a foodie then be sure to try some of the fish dishes which draw inspiration from Portugese, due to being colonised by them, and African foods. Cheap holidays to Cape Verde in July is the perfect getaway.

The Clubhotel Riu Garopa is one of the finest hotels on the islands, located on the beach and 1.5km from the Santa Maria centre, it is said that this resort has similarities to Luke Skywalker's rock home so if you're a Star Wars fan this is the place for you. There are countless amenities here including two swimming pool and for one week's all inclusive stay it will cost £784 per person from holidayhypermarket.co.uk.

Another all inclusive offer is for the Clubhotel Riu Funana and at £798 per person this is a cool and elegant place to stay, located on the beach it has a terrace restaurant, two themed restaurants and barbeques and access to other restaurants in hotels along the strip so what are you waiting for?book now.

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