Wallow in Wales this summer

Wales’ reputation for bad weather and inbred locals has been keeping the tourism trade on its knees for years. The best thing about it is that none of that stuff is true; Wales has a wonderful array of things to do come rain or shine, and the locals are vibrant.

If you happen to find yourself in Cardiff you can spend a night in a hotel part owned by John Malkovich - The Big Sleep. Admittedly the staff are surly, there is nowhere to park and the tiny doors are all locked, but his portrait is all over the place so if you like a dose of obscure with your fried breakfast you should definitely check it out.

During your stay in Cardiffbe sure to check out hippy treat Milgi, ethical, wholesome and friendly dinner fun. They serve tiffin boxes of great meals that you can mix and match, which are modestly priced and lavishly dressed. Milgi’s garden also has a yurt with cushions and incense and all that jazz. And probably jazz too. Nice.

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