Walking holidays in Northern Italy

The north is ideal for challenging and exciting walking holidays in Italy. Lakes and mountains are the perfect environment for day-long hikes or short strolls. With plenty of designated routes and trails to choose from, you can take enough exercise to justify indulging in the north's rich cuisine in the evenings.

Regions of the north

Choose the location for your walking holidays in Italy to suit your interests and your level of fitness.


For those who like spectacular coastal walks and fine cuisine, Liguria is ideal. Trails are well-signposted in the region, and exploring the Cinque Terre area allows you to combine a hike with some sightseeing. If you carry a light backpack you can arrange an itinerary walking between towns, staying at cheap hotels or hostels en route.


Piedmont has some beautiful, unspoilt rural scenery. Get off the normal tourist trails and walk among rustic villages interspersed with vineyards. This is the home of the famous Barolo wine, the perfect reward after a day's strenuous hiking.

Italian Alps

The Italian Alps offer tougher challenges, and majestic views. The Monte Rosa area provides unforgettable hikes across a glacier, surrounded by soaring ridges and peaks. There are guided treks available here for the harder routes, or short invigorating circuits.


In Lombardy, Stelvio National Park is ideal for amateur botanists, with a wide variety of flora. Hikes are well-marked and suitable for families. Around the lakes, Garda, Maggiore and Como, there are attractive shorter walks and trails. They offer the chance to combine scenic walking with water-sports and boat excursions.

Take care on the trails

Don't assume that walking holidays in Italy will always have fine weather In the Alpine region in particular, you are walking at serious altitude and the weather conditions can be changeable and treacherous. Take the proper equipment, check weather forecasts in advance, have a good map and don't wander off the trails.

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