Explore Beautiful Landscapes with Walking Holidays in Europe

Walking holidays in Europe

Nowadays, walking holidays are more and more popular and many people choose them mainly because it is a healthy way to spend their free time. This is a perfect way to get away from the daily routine by exploring new places, different cultures and meet new people. Walking holidays in Europe can be easily booked online at affordable rates and there are many travel companies offering this type of holidays.

A number of walking holidays in Europe can be booked from the adventurecompany.co.uk. For example, the “Alpine Experience” package will give you the opportunity to explore the stunning Alpe d’Huez area from France. The prices for this package start from £899 and include flights, bus fares and 7 nights’ accommodation bed and breakfast. The main activity here is walking in the Ecrins National Park, where you can enjoy spectacular panoramic scenes, visit a glacier or one of the 12 lakes situated in the park. You can also try mountain biking, rafting, climbing, tennis, visit the nearby museums and learn about local fauna and flora.

Another great place to pick your walking holiday is walking-europe.co.uk. For just £566 per person, you can buy yourself a nice holiday in Germany in the Rhine River area consisting of 7 nights’ bed and breakfast, luggage transfers and route instructions. Various routes for walks are available in the Rheinsteig area, where you will see many beautiful castles, charming little villages, old vineyards, medieval towns and magnificent and breathtaking views across the Rhine. Must see attractions in the region include the Loreley rock, the Maus and Marksburg castles and the famous historical monument of Niederwalddenkmal.

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