Wales Watching

We don’t mean the big, aquatic mammals, but the country that juts out of the southwestern side of the British Isles. Wales is filled with rolling moors and icy mountains, as well as sights that give new meaning to the term “romantic”.

Wales is surrounded on three sides by 750 miles of coastline, resulting in breathtakingly beautiful beaches and coves; there are more than 100 beaches and resorts here, from Aberporth with its sandy shores and rock pools, to Tywyn and its excellent surfing conditions.

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Those who like to walk can enjoy their pastime amidst spectacular scenery. Brecon Beacons National Park sits in the heart of Wales, and here you'll find Pen y Fan, the highest red sandstone summit in Britain; Forest Fawr Geopark, on the other hand, covers the western half of the park, and is noted for its geological heritage and diversity. Then there are the numerous prehistoric monuments, Roman ruins, and medieval castles that accent the landscape.

Speaking of castles, no land can truly be considered “romantic” without them, and Wales certainly has its fair share. Caerphilly Castle in the south is one of the largest in the U.K., and it has a leaning tower that actually out-leans the Tower of Pisa! Castell Coch is a 19th century structure built atop the remains of a 13th century fort, and is known for its remarkable interior.

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