Wacky walks at home and abroad.

Gone are the days when walking conjures up images of anoraks and country hedgerows. If you like a leisurely wander, perhaps with a focus, there are lots of options out there both at home and abroad. Whether you’re a foody or a fashionista there’s something for you!

Vistors to the Big Apple might like to try a New York ‘Gourmand Walk’ (www.walks.com), where your guide takes you to the known and lesser known havens where you can throw calorie control to the wind. It’s a small consolation to know that at least you’ll be walking a few of those calories off. But if you can’t get away this summer, go to www.wildwalks-southwest.co.uk where a healthier option is on offer. Walks involve a search for home grown edible plants.

One of the most recent additions to the hip hikers list is a fashion walk in London’s East End. Starting from Liverpool Street station, the walk takes in the cool and funky boutiques in the area, but you also get the low down on its architecture, art and food. Go to www.foxandsquirrel.com for further info.

And for those who just like to walk to enjoy nature, try www.wildmind.org/walking which puts a spiritual slant on your trek by including meditation. It’s not for the chatty as it involves deep breathing but it helps you regain your serenity!

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