Viva Espana

Spain is so massive it can be a quite a chore just deciding where to go and what to do. The Balearics for some Ibiza partying? Barcelona for a chic weekend break? Marbella for some indulgent champagne sipping with the stars? Or do you do it on the cheap and hit the beaches of Benidorm for two weeks? Whatever you choose or whatever you can afford you can guarantee the weather will be awesome and the booze will flow like water. To help get the thought cogs turning, here are some of our top Spanish destinations....

Valencia can be reached by Ryanair, Easyjet, and British Airways from a host of airports around the British Isles. Check out the wild and quintessentially Spanish Las Fallas festival between the 15th – 19th March and find out what celebrating is like Spanish style. For somewhere to stay take a gander at the Hospes Palau De la Mar, a minimalist space located on the edge of beautiful old town Valencia. This gaff soothes the soul after a day or two of Valencian hell raising and revitalises you with traditional well cooked meals in its splendid restaurant Senzone.

For a holiday a little bit more adventurous than cultural you should head to Tarifa on the South Coast and see what Spain has to offer for the surfers out there. It’s definitely easiest to get to if you fly to Gibraltar and mooch down either by bus or hire car. Use Tarifa.net to find the best deals on cheap hotels and when it’s best to go for surfing and all that outdoors type stuff. If that isn’t your bag though don’t worry, there are always festivals kicking off throughout the year. The best of which is probably Augusts Fair of Facinas (festival of folk music).

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