Viva Cuba

Salsa and rum are king. So toss analytical thinking on the back burner and zone in on the creativity of the right-brain cortex. It’s going to be a week of sunshine, music and dance.

On board Cubana Airlines the idea is to give you a taste of Cuba before you arrive, so within 10 minutes of take-off, the beer and rum will be flowing and there will be a fully fledged party forming faster than you are able to mouth the word mojito, Cubana.

On billboards around the city of Havana the patriotic rhetoric of poets and politicians leaves little space for slick advertisements. If you haven’t heard of Nicolás Guillén or José Martí when you arrive, by the time you leave the island they’ll be familiar names. The nation’s favourite poet and the 19th-century guru of independence are leaders of the pack when it comes to fervent slogan material.

And from poetry to the fabulous land of bling. The evening show at the Tropicana cabaret leaves Las Vegas dancing girls looking like a country cousin. Check out Habansol for more details.

Let the party continue.

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