Visit Wallonia, the largest of Belgium’s three federal regions.

Area wise, Wallonia is slightly larger than Belgium’s other two regions, Brussels and Flanders, put together, but is less populated, making it an attractive part of the country to visit. This southern, French-speaking part of Belgium is a region of beautiful countryside, cut through by the river Meuse, peppered with castles and of course home to a number of ancient abbeys which produce that famous, delicious, amber-coloured beer.

Visit the region’s capital and seat of its parliament, Namur, just under 60 kilometers from Brussels. Located where the rivers Sambre and Meuse converge, it’s a town with a fortress that dates back to the 13th century, and is known as the gateway to the Ardennes. Other standouts to visit are the Citadel, the Baroque church of Saint Loup, the town’s museum, the Arsenal, which is now a bustling restaurant, and the Hospice of Saint Giles. Or simply wander around the towns old quarter, café hopping and trying the local ‘Meuse trout à la crème’.

Ryanair flies to Bussels Charleroi which is just around 30km from Namur. It's so close to home it's well worth a trip!

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