Visit the Spanish city of Seville, home to flamenco and wonderful Moorish architecture.

Take advantage of Easy Jet’s new flight to Seville from London Gatwick to visit this atmospheric, southern Spanish city built on the Guadalqivir River. It’s steeped in history, its heyday being in the 15th century when Christopher Columbus discovered the New World and gained exclusive trade rights for the city. For several hundred years it was a wealthy cosmopolitan city and it retains some of its grandeur today.

Nowadays Seville’s attractions are its blend of fabulous Moorish architecture, beautiful 17th-century palaces and narrow lively streets with tapas bars, restaurants and often spontaneous flamenco. Visit the Moorish castle of Alcázar, the former upper-class area of Santa Cruz and stroll down the walkways along the Guadalquivir River.

A must-stop is the Santa María de la Sede Cathedral, which is the third-largest in Europe and the resting place of Christopher Columbus. Originally built as a mosque in the 12th century, its 328 feet high minaret is now the famous Giralda clock tower. You can also escape the heat by visiting the Museo de Bellas Artes (Plaza del Museo 9) which displays a number of masterpieces by Spain’s best artists along with more modern works.

Visiting in summer is only for real sun seekers as temperatures can hit 40ºC, but autumn is a fabulous time to travel to Seville, or book ahead for Semana Santa (Holy Week) when the Easter processions, perhaps the most famous in Spain, make for spectacular viewing.

For flights, check www.easyjet.com and for more information about Seville, visit www.turismo.sevilla.org

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