Visit the real Caribbean.

If you’re interested in visiting the ‘real Caribbean’ rather than island resorts with high-end hotels especially for tourists, we have just the place. Christopher Columbus described the Dominican Republic as ‘the most beautiful land in the world’ and the Samana Peninsula is its jewel in the crown. It’s ideal for nature lovers and wild life enthusiasts and those who like secluded unspoilt, white sandy beaches.

Los Haitises National Park is a must for adventure seekers who are into eco tourism. Inaccessible for so long, it’s an area that has remained virtually unchanged, is a refuge for an incredible 312 species of fauna and is a veritable bird sanctuary. Let yourself be stunned by its haunting rock formations and caves that result from heavy water erosion.

A must visit cave is that of La Linea with its wonderful rock paintings by the ancient Tainos, while the cave of La Arena contains petroglyphs of heads carved in rock. The caves are also home to solenodons, small mammals which are unique to Hispaniola and Cuba.

Add to this the chance to see giant mangrove trees, dramatic waterfalls, humpback whales, dolphins and green turtles and you can see why those seeking a destination off the tourist track are drawn to the area. Aim to visit from December to April to avoid tropical storms.

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