Visit Santa's Village in Lapland

Are you looking for an unforgettable place to celebrate Christmas with your children this year? Why not head to Rovaniemi, Finland where everyone will be able to meet and greet Santa and his helpers up close in personal in the Santa Claus Village in Lapland.

    Timo Newton-Syms - Wikimedia

Getting There

Santa's Village lies 8km north of Rovaniemi in artic circle. For those flying in, the Santa Claus Offical Airport is conveniently located just over a mile from the village. If you are already in Finland and are making your way from another part of the country, it is best to take a train to Rovaniemi Railway station. There, the local #8 bus departs every hour and will take you directly to the village.


While it may seem like a place just for children, there are many things to do that adults will enjoy too. There are loads of shops to choose from where you can buy anything from local Finnish handcrafts and design products to Swarovski crystal and clothing. If shopping does not sound appealing, head over to the Arctic Circle Husky Park where you can either try out dog sledding in the winter time or visit and spend time with the dogs during the summer.

There is also a Snowmobile Park where adults can get their fill of speed and adventure led by a local guide. If children want to go for a ride there are children's options as well. Snowshoeing and exploring the breathtaking landscape is another fun and active option where you actually get to roam about a little.

Children might also enjoy going on their own sleigh ride through the Winter Wonderland led by Santa's reindeer which leads straight to the Christmas House to meet Santa Claus himself. If you want to share your experience with others, why not write them a letter from Santa's hometown and send it from the Santa Claus Main Post Office complete with Lapland stamp.


All these activities will definitely make you hungry so at the Christmas House Restaurant & Coffee Bar you can enjoy a hearty meal or even buffet dinner. If you want a truly unique experience, go and explore Arctice Ice Bar and Restaurant. The Ice Bar holds anywhere from 10-100 people and is kid friendly affording young ones the option of enjoying a cold raspberry red beverage in chilled ice glasses.


One of the more popular places to stay is the Santa Claus Village. Here you will find cozy Christmas colored cottages and apartments that have built in saunas. If that sounds too warm for your blood you can try out the Snowman World Igloo Hotel. The igloos are built of snow and ice and stay at a constant temperature which is below zero degrees Celsius temperature inside while the colder Finnish temperatures remain outside. After a good night of sleep in the cozy sleeping bag which is provided you can enjoy a warm breakfast and receive your official Arctic Night Survival Certificate.

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