Visit Kosovo, Europe’s youngest nation.

Kosovo may sound like a strange place to go for a holiday. It’s just a decade since Slobodan Milosevic’s Serbian forces killed thousands in an attempt to stamp out independence fighters in what was then a troubled province of Serbia. The Albanian enclave declared independence in 2008 and the last few years have seen Kosovo slowly getting back on its feet.

Much progress has been made on the travel front, reports the New York Times, with a $1 billion highway project under way. Government-owned hotels have now been privatized and refurbished and various historic sites have won Unesco World Heritage status.

Remnants of Kosovo’s Slavic and Ottoman past are proving to be real attractions. Visit the city of Peja, once the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which contains the Patriarchate of Pec. This complex of medieval churches, overlooking a spectacular jagged gorge, contains stunning frescoes and the Decani Monastery is filled with vivid biblical scenes.

Not only is Kosovo Europe’s youngest nation, it also boasts the continent’s youngest population, with about half of its people under 25. The capital, Pristina, has seen the return of young Kosovars from abroad and a consequent birth of a café-cum-restaurant culture, not to mention a number of nightclubs. Out of town, the rugged mountains and pine forests provide an exciting backdrop.

EasyJet flies to Pristina from Geneva and Basel.

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