Visit Denmark’s second city Aarhus, which comes alive in summer!

The Danes don’t just sit around in the summer. With longer and warmer days to enjoy, they make the most of the summer sunshine and there are a number of fun events afoot, so why not join in?

Visit the Aarhus Festival (www.aarhusfestival.com) which runs from the 26th of August to the 4th of September and is one of Scandinavia’s largest cultural happenings, with royal patronage! Queen Margrethe II is this international festival’s patron. For ten days every summer, since first held in 1965, the town’s narrow streets, museums, galleries, clubs and stages are home to a host of events. For jazz lovers, the Aarhus Jazz festival takes place earlier in the summer, from the 9th-16th of July.

Aarhus is Denmark’s second largest city and main port, with buildings dating back to the Renaissance and there’s plenty to do and see. Visit the Frederiksberg Quarter, home to some great restaurants and sample nordic cuisine, or try one of the lively cafés and restaurants which line the banks of the river.

The main art Museum in Aarhus, Aros, is one of the largest in Northern Europe, and its Cathedral (rebuilt in 1500), dates back to the 12th century. For shopping, head for the cobblestoned streets of the Latin Quarter where you’ll find plenty of designer boutiques along with art galleries to keep you happy.

And don’t miss arguably the town's major tourist attraction, The Old Town, which is not actually an old part of the city itself, but an open air museum with a collection of 75 historic Danish buildings gathered from all around the country. During the summer months, actors in period costume bring the ‘town’ alive.

Ryanair (www.ryanair.com) flies to Aarhus from London Stansted.

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