Visit Britain: we still have so much to offer and the new Olympic poster campaign aims to tempt tourists to the UK.

There may be lots of talk about popular new emerging Asian tourist destinations, but in case we’re in danger of forgetting what we have at home, VisitBritain is about to remind us with a new advertising campaign. Aimed at encouraging tourists to visit the UK for the Olympics in 2012, a series of posters feature Olympic athletes in some of Britain's best tourist spots, and are designed to build up enthusiasm during the coming year, reports the Mail.

With recession-hit Europe and North America accounting for 85 per cent of all international visits to the UK, tourism needs a boost and it seems that the royal wedding in 2011 and the Olympic Games the following year will increase the nation's profile and draw more visitors.

So be prepared to see images of Olympic boxers in London's trendy Borough Market, Olympic athletes at Gormley’s awesome Angel of the North in Gateshead and with the White Cliffs of Dover or Windsor Castle as a background. Hopefully tourists will be attracted not only to London, but also to other parts of the UK. So beat the rush, don’t be outdone and consider taking a staycation this spring: there’s so much to see!

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