Virgin planes to play live TV

For all those footie fans who may have missed a match or two whilst travelling at several thousand feet, good news has arrived: in the next three years, Virgin Atlantic will be hosting live television programmes as part of its new in-flight entertainment package. Passengers will also be able to use broadband connections, send emails, do online shopping and use networking sites on a cheap pay-as-you-go rate.

In making a decision that could see die-hard fans watching the first kick-off of the World Cup season of 2014 whilst flying across the world, Virgin boss Richard Branson outlined that his company had spent years trying to develop the technology for in-flight entertainment. Currently, Virgin is working with another global business heavy-hitter, Panasonic, to look at the technology specifics behind the plan. News and Sports, unsurprisingly, were the two entertainment channels most passengers would fork out for.

Branson has also unveiled plans for his new franchise, Virgin Galactic, to be the first commercial passenger service into space in 2012. Already, this off-shoot enterprise has received billions of dollars in reservations from would-be space cadets in the US. Such explorations into sub-sonic travel could also be used to greatly decrease passenger travelling time between continents, Branson remarked.

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