We take a look at the value on offer from Virgin Holidays

If you are looking to take your family on a holiday that offers something a little more exotic this year, but you haven't got a huge budget, then we believe we have the perfect answer for you. Virgin Holidays are the Uk's specialist in bargain deals to far-flung destinations, and we are going to check out what kind of value is being offered by Virgin Holidays in this blog.

Virgin aren't going to be your go-to holiday company if you are looking to go to Spain for two weeks, but if you fancy taking the kids to Florida, or lazing on a beach in the Caribbean, then they are the company to get you there for the best price. All of their offers can be viewed on their site at http://www.virginholidays.co.uk/, and this site is a huge resource for holidays of all types as they offer everything from long haul flights to Alaskan cruises, and everything in between.

Thanks to the fact they have their airline Virgin Atlantic backing them up, Virgin can offer unbelievable deals on destinations like Orlando. To give an idea of some of the bargains you can expect, Virgin are running a special right now where they offer families 14 nights for the price of seven in Orlando, with prices starting at just £695 for a family of four.

Virgin also specialise in US city breaks, and prices are through the floor, with most week long breaks costing less than £500. They have their full 2012 brochure online right now, so make sure and check them out for a great deal on your upcoming holiday.


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