Find a bargain with Virgin flights Australia

When travelling between Australian cities on the east coast, driving is often the best way to do it. Rent a car and do it at your own pace, take in rural towns and find some hidden gems. Unfortunately if you are not going for very long or don’t have a lot of cash, driving might prove to be too expensive and time consuming. Thankfully though, internal flights around Australia are inexpensive.

Virgin is one of many companies that accommodate flights around Australia. Virgin Blue’s first flight was a flight between Brisbane and Sydney on the 31st August 2000. They had one route and two planes.

Since then they have become one of Australia’s biggest companies for internal flights. They have many routes and fly to and from all the major cities and many smaller towns. There are several different fare types for Virgin flights Australia: saver, flexi, premium economy and business.

A saver fare includes 7kg of hand luggage, but does not include checked baggage (it costs around $12 for checked baggage). So you have to purchase that before flying. They are generous with the amount of checked baggage you can have - 23kg for saver (after purchase) and flexi and 69kg for premium economy and business.

Upgrading from saver to flexi can give you a little piece of mind and allow you to have a more enjoyable flight. By flying flexi you can change names on flights, you have priority check in, checked baggage is included, food and drink on the aircraft is included and many other perks are also thrown in. But fares are quite a bit higher.

Flight fares obviously depend on route, type of fare and high or low season. To give an idea on fares, a flight from Adelaide to Brisbane booking a couple of months in advance will cost around $139 for saver, $299 for flexi and $529 for premium.

Their website, at virginaustralia.com, is very clear and easy to use. They have everything on it you could need, so check it out for prices, routes and more.

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