VIP airport lounges open their doors - for a fee

Ridiculously complicated airport security procedures and fractious queues, mean airlines and stupidly early check-in times have drained the joy from flying over the past decade.

There can be few people who enjoy navigating their way through any airport – save, perhaps, those canny individuals who’ve had the foresight to secure themselves a spot in one of the airport lounges frequently used by the ‘important people’.

They are not, however, exclusively the preserve of the rich, the famous or those in possession of the better class of ticket and many of the world’s finest airport lounges can be accessed by anyone with £20 or so to spend.

But for those of you wondering what all the fuss is about then try a choice of hot and cold buffets – operating 24 hours a day, all the booze you can drink, 42in plasma TVs, a business centre, a leafy smokers’ terrace, Wi-Fi, relaxation rooms with chaises longues, blankets, pillows and showers.

Or you could wander around a small shop selling ridiculously overpriced, utterly useless made-in-china bric-a-brac before you start sobbing uncontrollably in your made for discomfort departure lounge seat.

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