How to find villas with flights to Algarve

The Algarve is the most popular tourist destination in Portugal, with its population tripling during the peak holiday season. Located in the southernmost point of Portugal, the Algarve attracts many tourists from Britain and other European countries who are drawn to its stunning beaches, Mediterranean climate and low costs. The influx of tourists since the 1960s has resulted in the development of many resorts and luxury hotels in close proximity to its famed beaches. The region has also developed a network of world-class golf courses for enthusiasts. And once you are done soaking in the sun, there are a host of historic buildings that you can explore.

The steady influx of tourists has resulted in a variety of accommodation, catering to all budgets and requirements. For families or those traveling in groups, there are many villas that allow you to enjoy the distinctive Mediterranean lifestyle during your stay here. Flights arrive from all over Europe to Faro Airport, the region’s only airport. Many websites allow you to book villas with flights in Algarve, leaving you free to enjoy your holiday. Here are a couple that you should check out.


Thomson holidays include accommodation and flights so you have nothing to worry about. And for those looking for bargains, there are plenty of late deals available. For example a 1 week leaving Gatwick will cost you just £205.


This site has an extensive collection of villas ranging from family villa and luxury villas to secluded and private villas and villas for large groups. Villa and flight packages are available starting from £1400.

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