We check out the best sites offering villas in Portugal

Are you looking for something a little different from your next holiday abroad? Why not forgoe the usual dodgy holiday hotels and apartments and allow your self a little luxury with a holiday villa? If your destination is Portugal, then you are in luck as in this blog we will be checking out holiday villas in Portugal and where the best places to get them are.

Whether you are planning on holidaying in a group, or with just your family, a holiday villa is a fantastic way of doing it. You get all the space and privacy you can ever hope for, and most properties come with their own private swimming pool. Perfect eh? A greatp lace to start your search for a reasonably priced holiday villa is the Owners Direct site at www.ownersdirect.co.uk, simply click on their Portugal tab to check out their selection.

Why we recommend the Owners Direct site is the fact that it allows you to deal directly with the people who own the villas, with scope to haggle with them over the price of their villas. The site also carries an unbelievably big selection of villas, giving you a huge amount of choice in Portugal. It is a site that is well worth a look.

Another brilliant option for you is James' Villas at www.jamesvillas.co.uk/. This site carries a whopping choice of around 300 different villa properties in Portugal, and some of them even come with their own car as part of the property, and most, if not all, have their own private pool. It is a fantastic site for getting a villa.

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