villas of distinction: perfect holiday accommodation

Why you should consider villas of distinction

If you’re looking for a truly inspiring holiday, instead of booking into hotels you should consider 'Villas of distinction'. What better way to relax at the end of a day’s activities than settling into your own comfort zone, a real home from home? Let’s face it, while hotel accommodation is comfortable enough, it can often be a tad mundane. Villas of distinction offer a far more luxurious alternative.

Where to find villas of distinction for your UK holiday

Owners Direct (www.ownersdirect.co.uk) have an extensive range of villas for hire throughout England. How about immersing yourself in the heart of London, by renting a 4 bedroom family villa in Chiswick? Situated within 5 minute walking distance of the River Thames, this villa has recently been extensively refurbished. Close to Heathrow Airport, it is also within easy striking distance of Oxford Street and Marble Arch. Prices for this perfect holiday accommodation start at £1800 per week.

Villas with up to 5 bedroom (or more!) are available, with locations varying from the busy city centres to rural Yorkshire.

Check here for information about booking villas online.

Where to find villas of distinction abroad

Some agencies can offer you fabulous villa accommodation in overseas settings. Villas of Distinction (www.villasofdistinction.com) provide a range of holiday homes in Europe (France, Greece and Italy), the Caribbean, Mexico and the US. In fact, they invite travellers to treat themselves to luxury private vacation villas in over 30 worldwide destinations.

They are currently taking booking for Christmas vacations, with some excellent offers thrown in.

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