Guide to villas in tenerife

Villas in Tenerife

Looking for that perfect holiday getaway location in the sun? Then look no further than Tenerife and what better way to spend your time there than in the relaxed and secluded surroundings of your very own personal villa. The island offers a wide variety of villas to choose from and here are just some of the websites I came across offering these.

The first site I came across was directvillastenerife.com. The firm act as a middleman between the actual private owners of the villas and the potential renters. I found the interface of the site every cluttered and user unfriendly but some of the beachside properties they were offering were unbeatable for location. Proximity to local waterparks and golf courses is also an option.

Another useful site is villarenters.com. It offers a vast number of villas to chose from in many countries and one can search available villas in Tenerife by simply selecting the destination in the sites dropbox. With villa properties being mixed in with apartments, the prospective villa hunter may have to add keywords to filter their search. A two bed villa is available from the 30th of August for 6 nights at £329. The overviews of each villa are sketchy at best and lack the detail of a flagship site like thomson.co.uk. Here users are treated to multiple pictures and slideshows of the property as well as a video clip.

Overall then quality villas in Tenerife are not hard to come by if one is prepared to do some shopping around. One can quite easily book a villa close to whatever amenities suit the interests of the travelling party also.



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