Which companies are offering the best deals on villas in Gran Canaria

Villas in Gran Canaria

Are you mulling a little bit of a holiday in Gran Canaria with a difference? If you are sick and tired of doing the same old resort holidays, then why not check out villas in Gran Canaria? Lots of sites are offering fantastic brilliant deals on these villa properties right now, so lets check them out.

Villa Holidays may have a reputation for being expensive, but thanks to the entry of the UK's package holiday specialists into the Villa market, there are massive bargains to be found. A brilliant starting point to find yourself a cheap deal on a Villa is the First Direct Villa site at http://www.firstchoice.co.uk/sun-holidays/villa-holidays/.

First Choice are one of the UK's biggest package tour operators, and they offer a selection of villas with private pools, and their villas are the perfect fit for groups of up to 13 people. They also offer free car hire with most of their Gran Canaria villas, so they are well worth a gander.

If you are looking for a company that offers you a more luxurious selection of villas holidays, then we suggest checking out the Luxury Villas site at www.grancanarialuxuryvillas.com/. This site contains a cherry picked selection of luxury villas that offer the utmost in luxury and features. Prices may not be as cheap as other sites, but these villas are the best out there, so you will be getting the best.

A final suggestion is to check out the Owners Direct site and their dedicated Gran Canaria page at http://www.ownersdirect.co.uk/canary-islands-gran-canaria-3bed.htm. This page contains direct links to a huge number of villas that you can rent directly from their owners, meaning you have plenty of scope to try and drive a bargain.

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