Getting the best deals on villas in the Algarve

Looking to treat yourelf to a bit of luxury on your next holiday abroad? Might we suggest you check out villa holidays are these are the easiest and cheapest way to sample a bit of luxury while you holiday. Perhaps the best destination in Europe for these breaks is Portugal, so in this blog we are going to take a look at villas in the Algarve with an eye on getting you a luxury break without breaking the bank.

Such is the demand for holiday villas in the area that there are a huge number of sites offering these villas for an extremely reasonable price. The first site we suggest you take a gander at as you search for a villa is Holiday Lettings and their dedicated Algarve site at www.holidaylettings.co.uk/algarve/. Holiday Lettings claim to have a whopping 2,504 different properties to rent in the Algarve region right now, and most of their villas come with a private pool, meaning you can lap up the luxury without worrying about noise or other people's kids!

Another fantastic site to peruse on your search for a luxury villa for a decent price is James' Villas at www.jamesvillas.co.uk. James' Villas caters for every sector of the market from the bargain seeker all the way up to high-end luxury apartments. Right now, they are offering private villa rentals for a mere £200 per week during off peak season, which is a massive bargain if you are planning on bringing your family. Good luck trying to get your family into a hotel for a week for £200!

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