Browse Available Villas in Albufeira Old Town for You Next Holiday

Albufeira is situated on the southern part of Algarve in Portugal and it has access to no less than 20 beaches. This is a popular destination for young couples looking for privacy, but families with children or seniors may enjoy it as well. Albufeira is divided in two distinctive areas. The first one includes the strip with popular bars, modern shops and nightclubs where you can explore the real Portuguese night life experience. The second area is the old town with cobbled streets, restaurants and shops available throughout the town’s main square. Numerous options for accommodation are available in Villas in Albufeira old town, with all the facilities you might dream of.

For your next holiday in Portugal, you can rent the Villa Kevin from holidaylettings.co.uk for prices between £526 and £1570 per week. This is a spacious and modern villa, perfect for families with kids or friend spending a holiday together. Situated in the middle of Albufeira’s old town, this villa has three bedrooms, balcony, a garden and its own outdoor pool. It is located just 5 minutes’ walk from the Albufeira marina and 10 minutes from the fisherman beach.

A great range of Villas in Albufeira old town can be found at holiday-rentals.co.uk. For example, you can rent The Sea Cottage Villa for prices between £528 and £879 per week. This villa is located near Albufeira’s main beach and it has two bedrooms with all the necessary amenities and an amazing seafront terrace to enjoy the water. It is just minutes away from the strip, with all its entertainment and shopping venues. Other activities available nearby include boat trips, Slide Splash and the Zoo Marine.

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