Holiday Villas in Albufeira

Albufeira is considered one of the most tourist-friendly areas nowadays in Algarve, Portugal. The region used to be a tiny fishing community that gradually developed into a vibrant coastal town that is alive 24/7 with its assortment of boutiques, restaurants, clubs and market stalls. If you are looking for villas in Albufeira, here are a few places you can consider checking out.


The website does not offer villas only, but apartments and hotel accommodations as well. If you are interested in other destinations, the website also has listings available for Vilamoura, Vale do Lobo, and Quinta do Lago.

Villa Alice is an example of the various Albufeira villas available on the site. It is just a short distance away from Albufeira’s famous ‘strip’, which is where you can find the town’s world-class establishments and entertainment centres. Villa Alice can accommodate more than six persons and has three bedrooms. It has one shower room as well as one full bathroom. The home has its own pool and is equipped as well with a full-service kitchen, a washing machine, BBQ equipment, satellite TV and DVD player.

Weekly rental rates depend on your travel dates, but if you are renting the villa in October, expect to pay around £650 per week.


Like the aforementioned company, Sunny Seek Holidays LDA does not offer only villas in Albufeira. If you are interested, you can also find accommodations for Algarve and Eastern Algarve, as well as Costa de la Luz – Huelva. One of their featured villas is Villa Tres Palmeiras, a five-bedroom and six-bathroom villa that can accommodate up to 16 persons and is available at £1136.36 per week in October.

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