Villas and Apartments for your holiday

When going abroad on holiday villas and apartments are a good way to ensure you have more flexibility and privacy on your trip. Villas and apartments often work out as cheaper than hotel stays, especially the longer the duration of your trip.

A holiday rental gives you the option of self-catering, as most nowadays offer full kitchen facilities. You will also probably get a larger living space - perfect for just hanging out, as well as the possibility of an outdoor area; great for watching the sun go down on a summer evening. Another benefit of a holiday rental is that you get to sleep in as late and as often as you like, no pesky hotel maids knocking on your door at 10 a.m. wanting to clean the room.

Whether you are staying in an apartment in the Algarve, a farmhouse in Tuscany, or a mansion in Orlando, there are many villas and apartments out there to rent.

For cheap rental apartments in Paris, Lodgis are a reliable option with a vast array of flats in the heart of the romantic French capital. A charming and tastefully furnished studio on Rue Princesse near the Mabillon metro station amidst the bustle of the popular Left Bank costs from £309 per week and sleeps up to 2 people.

A medium range apartment in Darnius in the heart of the Costa Brava costs from £570 per week. This gets you a bright and airy garden apartment with pool, a view of the mountains and two bedrooms. With sleeping for up to 5 guests, this works out as far cheaper than a similar standard hotel. This apartment is booked through Owner's Direct, a letting agency with properties across Europe.

At the top end of the market, Eden Luxury Homes offer villas in sunny Provence. The Villa Alexandra in Luberon is a luxurious farmhouse set amongst olive groves, vineyards and fields of lavender. This villa has 6 bedrooms and can accommodate up to twelve people, and is stocked with all modern furnishings and amenities, including a large outdoor pool. The price for this villa starts at a whopping £7030 per week.

So next time you are looking for a holiday abroad, remember to look beyond the usual range of hotels and resorts to see if villas and apartments are right for you.

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