Interested in staying at one Europes many villas whilst holidaying abroad?

If you are thinking of going on a summer holiday this year we would recommend taking a look at some of the many villas available abroad as your holiday accommodation. Villas are the ideal holiday home, especially for large groups of people who want to stay in the same location. Be it a family gathering or a party of friends, a villa allows everyone to live together in the height of luxury.


If journeying to Italy we would recommend taking a look at www.villa-charme.com, this company offers a selection of villas of an extremely high standard in Tuscany, Sardinia,the Amalif Coast, by the Italian lakes and much more.  An example of the type of property available through this website is the Villa In Chianti, which can boast delicious panoramic views and a luxury pool. Having 11 rooms this villa can sleep up to 22 people, making it ideal for large groups of holiday makers. Pricing for this property ranges from £4390 to £4780 depending on time of season. And although at first look this price may seem daunting to some, if you do indeed fill the villa it works out as a bargain, costing just over £200 per person.


Alternatively on www.villaplus.com we found a lovely little villa in Cyprus. Villa Ambrosia is a beautiful holiday villa in the Coral Bay area of Cyprus. Sleeping up to 9 people, this villa holds a private heated pool 3 bathrooms and its 4 bedrooms are air conditioned, thus taking the edge off of the Mediterranean heat. Staying in this villa for the week can cost as little as £528 for the entire party!


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