Why not consider villa rental in sicily the summer?

Sicily is an island of wild and rugged beauty that sits just off the southern tip of Italy right in the Mediterranean sea. It is the perfect holiday destination and is ideal for travelling around - due to the island's varied history, it was conquered by the Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Catalans, there are more cultures here than you will have time to understand!. A rental villa would give you the perfect base for such a holiday.

Town or countryside?

One of the questions you will have to ask yourself when renting a villa is where exactly do you wish to be located - its the basic privacy versus amenity debate!

Although predominately rural and most famed for its natural beauty, more on that later, Sicily also boast some towns and cities that are definitely worth exploring. Agrigento, Catania and, obviously, Palermo are all big vibrant towns fill of cathedrals and castles. Palermo, the capital, is particularly lively. You would not lack for a drink or two!

However, much of Sicily's appeal is in its countryside. Rustic towns, orchards, green fields and scenery that differs subtly but noticeably in every region defines this island. Be it Messina's forests, Catania's orange and lemon groves, the sprawling wheat fields of Caltanissetta's, or Trapani's salt pans and the wine country, Sicily's beauty will leave you breathless.Sicily's winding roads and stone walls will lead you through a land perfect for random exploration. Renting a villa in the countryside would allow you to experience that every morning!

Renting a Villa

There are numerous sites that offer villa rental in Sicily so it is worth shopping around to see what kind of value is on offer. The price you will pay will depend on the time of year you wish to travel, the area you say in and the size / quality of the villa you want. We recommend looking along the Tyrrhenian coast- the area offers forests, sea and great access to Palermo when you fancy some red wine and pasta!


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