Luxury Villa Holidays with Flights to Kenya

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Kenya is one of the most beautiful and magical corners of the earth so if you are planning your dream holiday then look no further than Abercrombie and Kent Villa Holidays with flights to Kenya included. When it comes to making the most of your break, Abercrombie and Kent luxury holiday villas abroad will fulfil all of your accommodation needs.

Here are some of the top Kenyan holidays provided by Abercrombie and Kent:

Samburu Safari

Samburu National Safari is located in the dry northern region of Kenya and is one of of the best parks in Kenya. Visitors to this region will witness some of the most stunning scenery and wild life in the world. Guests can even stay in luxury accommodation at the Samburu Intrepid Club or Larsens Camp.

Lewa Downs Safari

This is one of Kenya's oldst and most popular parks. This area is committed to the conservation of wildlife and boasts some of the most scenic surroundings and diverse habitats. A&K have a number of fantastic accommodations available such as Lewa Downs Wilderness Trail and Sirioki. Prices and availabilty vary depending on the season so for more information contact an A&K consultant now.

Abercrombie and Kent Holidays have been providing the very best luxury accommodation in a worldwide range of different holiday destinations for over 50 years. From summer holidays to winter holidays, A&K Villas cater for your every need! Guests that use Abercrombie and Kent Villas will also benefit from having everything pre-arranged. With flights to Kenya, travel insurance and groceries on arrival Abercrombie and Kent Villas really do take care of everything!

Local cooks, chefs and daily maid services are also available. Guests are also welcome to contact Abercrombie and Kent to arrange their very own tailor made holiday villa experience! Guests can also relax in the piece of mind that each of the resorts has a dedicated and friendly team available to provide assistance at anytime - day or night!

Packages include flights to Mombasa or Nairobi and visas are required for UK passport holders. Vistors will also require a yellow fever certificate if travelling from an endemic area.

So if you are thinking about treating yourself to an unbeatable holiday experience then look no further than Abercrombie and Kent Holidays! So what are you waiting for? Find out more about your dream villa holidays with flights to Kenya now!

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