Luxury villa holidays in Thailand

Break away from the usual beach vacations and up the ante a little bit by escaping to one of Thailand's luxury villas. Here is one of the best options for luxury villa holidays in Thailand...

On the east coast island of Koh Samui, numerous luxury havens give you a taste of stress-free indulgence. This is your heaven on earth.

Koh Samui Villa 4100 offers a slice of paradise for over £3,000 per night during high season. Situated on the west coast of the island, straddling the beautiful Lipa Noi beach, the luxury villa exudes elegance from every corner. Its huge electric gates open to a fish-filled pond, and lead into the central courtyard highlighted by a large swimming pool and Jacuzzi. During the night, the courtyard is a spectacle as the pool and surrounding properties bathe in a delicate, faint glow.

Inside the villas, only the finest facilities comfort guests: from the lush, yellow bathrooms with a dainty Greek-style bathtub, to the master's bedroom that open out both to the sea and pool, and is emphasised by a king-size bed accentuated with exquisite drapes.

To complete the luxury package, outstanding service complements your stay—the staff ensures the cleanliness of the villa twice daily, the concierge extends assistance for private tours and activities, and massage therapists satisfy your relaxing needs at your whim.

While you're vacationing in Thailand, remember to try some delicious Thai food! The luxury kitchen will allow you to do just that - or you can order chef-prepared meals.

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